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Organizing Tips And Ideas


When organizing your home, a very important  place that many times gets overlooked is the entryway.

This  tends to be the family "drop off" area. kids shoes often end up here, as well as mail , keys , backpacks , briefcases ,well you get the picture. Start with a basket or decorative wood box, to store keys. An entry table with shelves underneath works great . Baskets that can easily slide in and out are perfect for shoes. Hooks near the entry are perfect to hang backpacks. Why not make your entry a calming space to welcome family and friends!

Baskets add extra storage

Even a small entryway needs to make a statement. This is the perfect  addition .

Fall clean up...? It's time!

organized linen closet

To keep a clean cohesive vibe , always group like items together. Keep your baskets or any containers  you may use , either the same color or type. (see above image)

Organizing Closets

Even a small closet can look neat and put together. Everything has a place , only items you love!

when taking on the task of organizing  your closet , there are some basic steps to follow. First , make sure you completely clear out every item , yes every item! 

Now you can start with a clean slate. Go through every item , only keeping what you love. This is where booking an appointment with me makes sense!  This can be a very difficult and overwhelming  undertaking to say the least!

Stay tuned for more on closets................